Best Learning Environment for Deaf Children In School

We look at lots of ways to give Deaf children in school the best learning environment.  We keep it simple.  The school contacts us on to let us know they'd like us to visit their school.  We will arrange a suitable date to look around your school.  From this, we will see what next steps are needed.  Sometimes it's just us reaffirming you are doing everything right, sometimes it's polishing up your Deaf Awareness Skills, sometimes it's looking at equipment such as Soundfield Systems, Soundclouds, and Babbleguards.  

Book CSSEF in to visit your school if you have a *Deaf child. We cover the areas of Wrexham, Flintshire, London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

*We define a Deaf child as any child who has a mild, moderate, severe, profound Deafness in one ear or two ears that is permanent.  They may wear Cochlear implants, hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids or none of these.   



Our charity gives away FREE Deaf Awareness Books to school children in Hampshire, Surrey, London and Berkshire.

We simply arrive at your school and take over a hall for the day.  We have a display of all the Deaf Awareness Books that we have and ask you to invite each classroom to visit the hall.  Once they arrive, we ask them to listen to our speakers to describe each book.  Once we have described the books we invite 5-6 children at a time, to browse through these books and make their choice, taking the book of their choice away with them. Usually, each class takes 20 minutes to browse and we sometimes find we have time for any Questions that the children may have.

There is no COST involved to your school. If your school did want to support us, you can creat your own fundraising event or we would appreciate a small collection of items for a tombola or raffle.

Please book us in to visit your school with Cathy Still, or call 07931 310 430.


We are passionate about schools having the resources that they need to raise Deaf Awareness.  As teachers, you are the professionals that know what resources will work for your school and what resources won't work.  As a charity, we want to work with you to help you build your resources. The great news is that we have allocated a budget for each school in Hampshire, Berkshire, and Surrey to spend on resources.  These resources are given to your school at no cost.

It really is quite simple. Send an email to Cathy Still, via email on and request a DEAF AWARENESS RESOURCES FORM.  Each resource is listed and priced.    In addition to our Resources List, we will send a short form for your school to fill in to show our charity how these resources will be used.  

We really would love to raise Deaf Awareness in our community and in schools.  Our charity is here to help you raise awareness as much as you can.   We have attached a photo of a few of the resources that we have supplied to schools locally.