Meet the Team at Chloe's and Sophie's Special Ears Fund

Karen Jackson (Chair/Trustee/Founder)

Mum to Chloe and Sophie from CSSEF

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Brian Jackson (Trustee/Founder)

Dad to Chloe and Sophie from CSSEF.

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Martin Jackson (Treasurer/Trustee)

Grandad to Chloe and Sophie from CSSEF.

Often found in Just4Kids testing the battery operated toys.

As a treasurer, Martin, ensures that all of the paperwork is in order.  He is a real 'treasure' at our Book Keeping. 

Martin is also one of our Trustees.  He ensures that all Wishes Form Applications are within our Charity Objectives and gives great support to our team of volunteers.

Jen Jackson (Committee Member)

Nanny to Chloe and Sophie from CSSEF.

Often found in Just4Kids checking the toys and puzzle are complete.  Jen also comes up with lots of ideas that help the charity run smoothly.  Jen also goes out to lots of our charity events and supports many of our volunteers.

Ellie Simpson & Mandi Paine (Fundraising & Events Co-ordinator)

Fundraising is core to our charity.  Ellie and Mandi started volunteering with CSSEF in 2014.  They are always looking for fun new ways to raising funds.  They also visit Brownies/Rainbows/Scouts etc to do Deaf Awareness Sessions.

Contact Ellie or Mandi on:

Catherine Still (Office Manager)

Cathy is our Office Manager.  Cathy manages the emails for the charity on  She also processes all of the Wishes Application Forms that we receive. She also helps at our external events for CSSEF as well as volunteering in Just4Kids.

Lucy Clark

Parent Support Ambassador - Volunteer

Lucy joins our charity as a Parent Support Ambassador.  She is the mum of Jessica and Ethan.  Lucy has a wealth of knowledge as her son Ethan, is deaf and wears Cochlear Implants.

Lucy takes on the role of a Parent Support Ambassador.  She visits local parents that are in need of help filling in their Wishes Application Form.  She also visits parents to try out equipment to see if it fits or is the right one for the child.

To contact Lucy, please email on


Challenges Co-ordinator - Volunteer

Paul has a wealth of experience of running races and taking part in cycling events.  He now wants to be his knowledge to use and support those taking on challenges for our charity.    Paul will be at the end of an email or phone call to help you take on your next sporting Challenge for CSSEF.  To contact Paul, simply email him on

Dan and Sarah Marshall (Trustees)

As Trustees, Dan and Sarah, ensure that the Charity keeps to it's core objectives as well as supporting the team of volunteers.  They also view each of the Wishes Application Form to see if we can fund the Wish or not.

Dan and Sarah are also parents of Hana and Louie.